Jury rules Canton Mayor Truly can remain in office


CANTON, Miss. (WJTV) – On Wednesday, a jury ruled Dr. William Truly Jr. was legally voted the Mayor of Canton during this year’s election in June 2021.

The Election Commissioner decided not to certify the city’s municipal general election results in June. They said the results of the primary were invalid.

Mayor Truly’s opponent, Chip Matthews, also challenged the results in the Madison County Circuit Court. He argued that he should be the mayor, even though Truly received more than half of the votes because there was no democratic ballot submitted for the General Election.

However, the jury ruled in favor of Truly.

“He felt that I should have been unseated, and he should have been seated. That would have been a devastation to democracy. That’s not how it works. So, my opponent can talk about corruptions all day, but he has no foundation,” said Truly.

“The reaction results is what the jury thought that they saw. I mean, they did admit that there were some conflicts, and there are some issues that need to still be resolved and can elections. We still have the same problem. We’ve always had no one certified the primary and nobody certified the General Election. Those things did occur, and hopefully we will figure out a way to move forward from here,” said Matthews.

Matthews said he will run for mayor again in the future.

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