MADISON COUNTY, Miss. (WJTV) – Voters in Madison County are watching Mississippi’s General Election closely.

Voters said they’re looking for the winning candidate to bring Mississippi closer together. One voter, Susan Hill, said she wishes the two parties had common goals.

“It’s just kind of blows my mind and the way things have gotten. And I just hope that whoever our governor is will do what what they think is best to to bring us more together and not so just polar opposite. You know, that’s what that makes me sad. I just… some of the some of the hatred is, you know, even just the ads are just so vicious,” Hill said.

Michael Barker, another voter, said he’s looking for change in government and a candidate who can take the next stop to move Mississippi forward.

“I think what I’m paying attention to is the fact the government is kind of at a place right now where it can’t move anything forward. And I feel like Mississippi, it’s time for a change. And I think that, you know, the Republicans have had the governor’s offices early 2000s. And have we really improved a lot since the early 2000s. So, I’m interested to see where the vote comes out tonight,” Barker said.

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