JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Mississippi is less than 50 days away from the General Election, and the candidates for governor are still crisscrossing their way through the state.

Democratic candidate for governor Brandon Presley made a stop at Jackson State University (JSU) on Tuesday, September 19 for National Voter Registration Day. He urged young voters to register.

Presley is also looking to gain Black voter support; a critical voting base he’ll need to win come November.

“We’re a state that’s almost 40% Black, and to run for governor and ignore 40% of our population not only is immoral in my standpoint, but I think it puts us economically behind in Mississippi, to think that somehow we’re going to succeed without the Black community succeeding also,” he said.

The Presley campaign also announced a new radio ad, specifically to reach Black Mississippians.

Governor Tate Reeves (R-Miss.) was also on the campaign trail on Tuesday. He made a stop at the National Police Shooting Championships.

While at JSU, Presley publicly challenged Reeves again for a debate.

“We’ve challenged him to five debates. There’s been no answer from the governor as to why he won’t debate. I think he’s scared to debate. I think he won’t say to my face some of the bald face lies that he says on television, and he doesn’t want to get on the debate stage with me,” said Presley.

In a statement, the Reeves campaign said, “Governor Reeves is looking forward to debating. All Brandon Presley does all day is lie about him, and it will be fun to call it out.”