RANKIN COUNTY, Miss. (WJTV) – The tie has been broken in the District 1 Rankin County Board of Supervisors race.

The race was decided by just two mail in ballots that had not yet been counted. Both Republican candidates were at the Rankin County Election Commission to see for themselves what those ballots held.

Sid Scarbrough emerged as the winner of the race by just one singular vote, breaking the 1,243 tie. One ballot was rejected due to signature discrepancies.

“I’m just kind of overwhelmed. It’s been a long, hard race and just very excited, and I’d like to thank my people that work for me and my supporters. I knew it’d be close because Mike Windham, I’ve known him, he’s a good friend, and he’s got a good reputation, and I knew it’d be close but had no idea it would be this close,” said Scarbrough.

“We knew it was gonna be close, but hey, it is what it is. I’ve heard folks say that my vote won’t count. This is a prime example. Your vote counts. You know anybody, any election, you need to come out and vote. Just take this as a learning experience for us all,” said Windham.

In the event of a tie, Mississippi Election Code mandates the election be decided by lot, meaning a coin toss or straw pull could have decided this race.

“I wouldn’t want to take the chance on a coin toss,” said Scarbrough.

Windham said he will not be requesting a recount. He said he believes in the system and its results.