JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Marshand Crisler and Tyree Jones are hoping to gain the people’s vote on Tuesday, November 23– to do so, they talked about crime. 

Crisler has formed a gun suppression unit to get guns and weapons off the streets and jails

“One of the things that we have been dedicated to doing under my watch is making sure that we get weapons out of our communities, both outside the jail and inside the jail,” said Crisler.

“It’s my understanding that there was a recent shake down at the detention facility. Several shanks and homemade weapons were recovered. Were there anybody charged? If not why?. There should’ve been charges. That is a criminal charge. That is a felony charge and it should’ve been forwarded to the district attorneys office,” said Tyree Jones.

Crisler said there were charges filed. With hundreds of warrants in the county that need to be served. To get them handled, Crisler said space to house inmates is the main concern.

“We already have a commitment from the board of supervisors to build a new jail. The other thing is the JDC for misdemeanors. We are absolutely working tirelessly to get the JDC which is the Jackson detention center open so we’ll have a place to put misdemeanors,” said Crisler.

“We can’t maintain the one that we have now and come from under the consent decree. Notice at the runoff election is Tuesday and now we’re talking about building a new jail. That’s impossible we can’t even deal with a particular jail that we have now,” said Jones.

Staying on the topic of jails, in a response to the Hinds County Board of Supervisors saying it would take a year or two to turn things around at the detention center.

Captain Jones said that comes from issues with the consent decree and leadership. 

“There was a jail walkout that the public doesn’t know much information about where there were only three officers left in the facility that happened this past Saturday,” said Jones.

Crisler claims Jones organized the walkout, but Jones strongly denied this allegation.