Emergency meeting for Shady Oaks and surrounding area after crime breaks out among the elderly


Senior citizens have become victims of crime in the Shady Oaks neighborhood and surrounding areas. On Tuesday night, there was an emergency meeting to end the violence.

It was a packed room at the Golden Key Activities Center. Joyce McIntosh was one of the seniors who spoke their minds. She says her neighbor was attacked in her home Friday on Albermarle Road.

“He pushed her down, and she had never seen that man before and she went face down, and he dragged her down inside the den, and he got on her back and he choked her from the back,” said McIntosh.

McIntosh claims police didn’t gather some possible evidence, and that officers didn’t get there quick enough.

“The socks and his shoes were left there on the patio,” said McIntosh. “They didn’t shine the patio with a flashlight to find any evidence.”

Officers apologized to McIntosh about her experience, but said they couldn’t talk about the open investigation.

They did say they did make an arrest in the Shady Oaks home invasion.

“Let me put some fire out,” said Jackson Police Department Commander Sequerna Banks. “We do have a suspect in custody. He was given a million dollar bond.”

He’s being identified as 50-year-old Tommy Sheriff.

Also at the meeting, neighbors learned self-defense techniques and cameras to buy to monitor their property.

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