Entergy ending lease over Lake Hico, Councilman wants it opened to the public


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Can you imagine having a lake to go swimming and fishing in if you live around Jackson? No, we are not talking about the reservoir, how about Lake Hico off Northside Drive.

By the end of this year, Entergy will no longer be leasing it from Jackson Public Schools who owns the areas through 16th section lands. 

With the teardown of the Rex Brown power plant, the water will not be needed for cooling and generating electricity, so councilman Kenneth Stokes is joining people who want it to go back to public use.

He stated it was closed in the late 1960s after integration so many homeowners around northside never got to experience it. But if kids get the chance to have a place to go swimming, or fishing and play, it will keep them out of trouble on the streets. 

On top of a chance for new housing development. But after 70 years there need to be environmental tests to soil and removal of wild animals for the plan to work. 

“Number one, the soil is not contaminated, the water quality is perfect, and then at that point we can move forward with trying to remove the alligators that are in the lake,” Councilman Stokes said. “Then also we’re concerned the dam not break. If this dam breaks than all of the property in this area in Vernon addition would be underwater.”

“We could have activities for these kids that they don’t have now,” Northside homeowner Ethel Mangum added. “You could put an evening drive-in movie theater on that property.” 

Each year JPS made around $328,000 from Entergy using the lake. For this to work, Councilman Stokes wants Hinds County, City of Jackson, and State Parks and Recs. to join in for building a new park and housing around the water. 

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