Entergy Mississippi’s Energy Solutions Program reopens


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Entergy Mississippi is offering programs to help customers save energy and money on electric bills during the summer months.

“Our energy efficiency programs have re-opened with strict safety standards to protect homeowners, trade allies and Entergy employees,” said Tison Reno, Entergy Mississippi manager of products and services deployment. “Customers can get started with a READI audit to get energy efficiency information and energy-saving items installed in their home at no cost, as it’s offered as part of their electric service. Or they can visit our online marketplace to buy energy-efficient products.”

Through the Residential Energy Audit and Direct Install (READI) program, energy analysts visit customers’ homes to improve energy efficiency and reduce costs by checking:

  • insulation levels
  • air leaks
  • heating and cooling systems
  • windows and doors
  • lighting and appliances
  • water-heating equipment

They report results to the homeowner along with recommendations to improve comfort and save energy. With permission, the energy-efficiency expert installs free products that can start saving energy and money immediately. Depending on recommendations, these products and services can include:

  • up to 14 energy-efficient light bulbs
  • LED night light
  • Two efficient-flow fixed or handheld showerheads
  • up to four faucet aerators
  • a power-saving strip
  • refrigerator coil cleaning.


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