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HATTIESBURG, Miss – An organization with quite a bit of history out of Hattiesburg is spreading its message to not minimize the impact one person can have on the community. It’s called “EUROHA,” and their goal is to uplift memories.

At least 4 generations filled the C.E. Roy Williams Community Center today to kick off a week of reunion activities. Several Eureka alumni were present, including former students of 1938, 1945 and 1948.

Graduates from Eureka, Royal Street and Rowan High formed “EURO” 38 years ago. James Ratliff, Jr. was one of the founding members president of “EURO” for over 10 years. He said the organization is centered on uplifting memories of African-Americans deeply connected to education, “We wanted to preserve all the educational experiences that blacks have had from earliest existence to the present point.”

Eureka was one of the five schools for African-Americans in Mississippi.

Members of the organization said people from across the state would come to Hattiesburg just for the educational opportunities, “Hattiesburg was known even in the day of segregation to have a second to none educational system and the African-Americans attending each of the other 4 high schools benefited greatly,” said Eddie Holloway, Rowan High graduate.

Holloway also said Hattiesburg is home to faculty members that truly understood the impact of a great education and they passed that information along to their students.

President Stephanie Hoze said in an effort to keep the spirit growing in younger generations, they recently added Hattiesburg High School and changed the name to “EUROHA.”

“We wanted our children and our grandchildren to know more about their past. And the history of our schools here in Hattiesburg and how we can encourage them and inspire them to be better students,” said Hoze.

For more information on the “EUROHA” reunion activities click here

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