MADISON, Miss. (WJTV) – For almost two weeks Madison County Deputy Brad Sullivan has been spending his days at home with his family recovering from being shot while on duty.

To get a look at his recovery process and what it means being home for the holidays Sullivan spoke to 12 News Alex Love via phone about what the future holds for him.

Though declining to be on camera Deputy Sullivan took us through his journey from defining the odds in the hospital to see his son open Christmas presents. It’s a continuous battle he won’t quit.

Once fighting for his life motionless in a hospital bed, the Madison County Deputy who caught the hearts of millions is back home with his family.

“My first time to walk was Nov. 26th, and then I walked out of there before Christmas like I said I would,” Deputy Sullivan said. “I had a goal to meet and now I got other goals I need to meet. Come to find out the doctors never imagined that would happen.”

Using faith to help recover after being shot by Edgar Egbert multiple times back in September after a police chase, Sullivan forgives the gunman who attempted to take his life.

“He’s got to face the consequences of what he’s done and other than that I forgive him for what he’s done,” Sullivan continued. “I mean we’re told in the Bible we must forgive. It took me a little while to do that, but I can say I can do that now.”

After the shooting which left him critically wounded support started pouring in from coast to coast and all around the world from people praying for him to make it.

“It took me a little while before I would even look at that Facebook page,” Sullivan stated. “And want to see anything. Because I didn’t really want to see anything about it. It took me a little while and once I started looking at it and actually reading the people who reached out and sent prayers and videos for the page it was just tremendous.”

Still dependent on a wheelchair to move around, Sullivan now cherishes more of the little things like being able to come home and experience the holidays with his kids.

“My daughter stayed with me and she helped me set up the Christmas tree,” Deputy Sullivan told us. “And everything else she set up before I got there. Had all that ready and it was just an awesome experience to be with the family. My son was able to see Santa Clause bring me home.”

While exercising what he can with the help of colleagues and family, Deputy Sullivan is scheduled to meet with doctors three days a week to continue rehab. But now back home somethings are back to normal.

“First thing I did when I got home was sit in my recliner,” Deputy Sullivan said. “That was the best feeling that I had in awhile. I had already told everybody that was the first thing I wanted to do was kick back in my recliner and relax.”

Deputy Brad Sullivan has worked in law enforcement since 2002. A choice he made because of his passion to help others. While he’d like to return to work full-time one day, for now he’s taking healing one day at a time.