RIDGELAND, Miss. (WJTV)– An ex-employee of a dog breeder in the Metro claims they are kept in poor conditions.

The former employee says he worked for Tiny Teacups. He asked us to keep him anonymous. He took video and pictures. We want to warn you the images may be disturbing to some viewers.

A former employee describes the operation as a puppy mill.

“Rashes, diseases, spider bites, tick bites, mice bites the food that they got field with rat feces their own urine sometimes they’re sitting in it. They don’t even eat their own food. they water supply something died in it. I went to more than just five cages and both of their three barns on the second property and the first property I tried to give the puppies the water scooped it up showed each of them the water they sniffed it and went away that’s how I knew something was in there.”

Conditions are so bad he says that a dog died and Vicki Davis, the owner, didn’t even know it.

“That same puppy that died on the first day that came in was still on the back of the truck causing a horrendous smell and I verbally heard them say. We’re just
going to take it and burn it. They don’t bury them. They don’t properly dispose of them.”

He says a groomer also twisted dogs’ limbs in unnatural ways.

“It’s against my morals to see something like that happen. My ancestors are basically going through what these puppy’s are going through.”

We drove out to Davis’s home and pushed the button on the gate to call. No one answered.
Then a van pulled up from behind the house, I asked for Vicki Davis but a woman called out you have the wrong name.
From what many buyers and animal advocates say, Davis goes by multiple names.

The Ridgeland Police Department says this is an ongoing investigation.