EXCLUSIVE: ‘Juveniles’ appear to fire airsoft guns at people in Jackson


JPD Chief James Davis speaks out

Police have opened an investigation into a video that shows apparent juveniles firing BB or air soft guns towards people in Jackson.

A warning for some this video may be disturbing.

The video is spreading on social media.

“It appear to look like juveniles,” Police Chief James Davis said.

Teenagers and some even younger are seen in the video.

“Those guns look real and it will be a very, very bad situation if an individual ride up on a police officer and point their guns they’re going to take the appropriate action,” He said. “Not only that, our regular citizens that exercise an open carry law they will take action. “

The alleged incidents happened on Woodrow Wilson Ave. and MLK Dr.

“I encourage citizens if you see anything of that nature where people are driving through your community hanging out the window of a car pointing guns please please call police,” Davis adds,

The individual who posted the videos from an Instagram page even shows his face in one of them leading police to his identity.

“That person is subject to being charged with creating fear,” Davis adds,

Those involved could face a fine of $1,000 and up to a year in jail.

“If you see one of your kids in that video take the gun from them and please educate them on the importance of don’t ever point a gun it’s against the law and don’t create fear in your own community.”

No one has been physically hurt from these incidents—however, if you know anything about it you are urged to call Jackson Police at (601) 960-1234

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