Exclusive: Man claims JPD officers injured him during traffic stop


Christian Norwood remembers November 17, 2018 as the day he was physically and mentally hurt.

He says it all started off with an auctioned-off police car pulling up to him at a gas station while he pumped gas into his 4-wheeler.

“He was like oh, ‘man that’s a nice bike, you trying to get rid of it?’ I was like ‘oh, nah this my pride and joy’… at that point he was like I really wasn’t asking.”

At that point, Norwood said he took off on his bike and drove down Northside Drive. That’s when he said the same looking vehicle pulled on the side of him at a traffic light. He said that’s when he “did a 180 and drove off in the other direction.”

As he went further down Northside drive, he said things took a turn for the worse.

Norwood said as he slowed down at a traffic light, he noticed a police officer to the left of him, with the window down, gun drawn. He said as he put his left hand up, and pumped the brake with his right hand, a JPD vehicle rammed into his 4-wheeler.

He claims he was thrown nearly 20 feet from his bike, and lost the feeling in the lower half of his body.

“It’s super hot outside. They throw me on the hood of the car, and they put the handcuffs on me… so tight that the skin came off both my wrists. But when they squeezed them so tight I jerked, cause I still have feeling in my hands… I jerked up and he grabbed my head and slammed my head into the hood of the car.”

Norwood said the entire incident happened near Precinct 3, on Northside Drive and Country Club Drive. He said if it wasn’t for a nearby female officer calling an ambulance, he doesn’t know how long he would’ve been sitting outside with officers surrounding him.

He said after being taken to the hospital, he was released by JPD and given four tickets; one for no tags, no license, no helmet and careless driving.

A week later Norwood said he filed a complaint with Jackson Police Internal Affairs office. He said there is where he took a polygraph test, which officials told him came out “inconclusive.”

Norwood said during this same time, he also tried to get his GoPro from police, which captured the entire incident, but they told him they didn’t have it.

“That was my evidence to show them that not only was I fearful for my life, but also before I even got to this point, I would’ve never ran from the police.”

Even after all he’s been through, Norwood said he won’t stop telling his story until someone’s held accountable.

“I really want the community to understand what’s going on… that we are not scared of the police, no matter what we’ll come forth, and you will hear our stories no matter how small, no matter how big.”

WJTV 12’s Lanaya Lewis reached out to Jackson Police about the incident.

Sergeant Roderick Holmes confirms Norwood was arrested back in November for traffic violations and he did file a complaint with internal affairs. However when asked about the specifics of the case, Holmes said he was, “not able to see any specifics and not aware of a collision with a police vehicle.”

WJTV 12 will continue to follow this story as more develops.

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