EXCLUSIVE: Pearl police chief talks human trafficking dangers


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV)– An organization that cares for children in Mississippi heard from the Pearl police chief about the dangers of human trafficking. The Methodist Children’s Homes of Mississippi got a closer look at human trafficking from the Pearl police chief and Mississippians against Human Trafficking. “There’s one thing to be broken and there’s one thing to have bad memories,” said chief Dean Scott. “I can live with someone having bad memories but leaving them broken, knowing I could’ve helped them, I can’t do it.” Scott did not hold back on the realities of human trafficking and cases he’s worked in our own backyard. This is an issue that hits home for chief Scott whose daughter just turned 10 years old on Monday. Mississippians against Human Trafficking says there are signs to be aware of. “Some vulnerabilites you would look for such as a lack of education, lack of family structure, poverty, kids in foster care are targets, those are vulnerabilites we all need to be aware of but what you notice is a change in behavior,” said Lindsey Simmons, the executive director of Mississippians against Human Trafficking. “If it’s mine or your kid and they’ve been on their phone a lot and they’ve been engaged in conversation with strangers and they have a sudden change in behavior.” Simmons says human trafficking can happen in streets, in the homes, and in the church. As the police chief shared Tuesday night, the victims aren’t just girls they’re boys too. Staff members inside the cafeteria will share what they learned with therapists across the campus.

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