EXCLUSIVE: Surveillance captures man being robbed in front of Jackson home


JACKSON, Miss.(WJTV) – Jackson crime has hit home for a man who lives along Hickory Drive. 

David Hutchinson says he was playing with his K&N Desert Buggy on his street when a man sparked up a conversation with him. 

“He stopped and was talking to me and after a while, my anxiety about people around people got the better of me, so I started walking back down and he followed me.”

Hutchinson says he suffers from anxiety after being shot at Valero gas station along Raymond Road in 2017. A man pulled out a gun when he was walking out the store, shot him in the leg, and drove off. 

When Thursday’s suspect walked towards Hutchinson’s house with him, he tried to get away.

“I grabbed my radio controller for it. I was like ‘alright man I’m going in, I gotta fix this thing’…. and I went to grab it, and he said ‘let go of it,’ and he pulled out a silver pistol, just far enough out of his pants, so I can see it.” 

In Hutchinson’s surveillance video you see the suspect grab the buggy, fumble with an object in his pocket, and run away towards Chapman Drive.

Hutchinson says he’s glad to be alive, but fears for his safety. 

“I just wish I could function in life like everybody else so maybe I can have the money to move out of this area.” 

Jackson Police confirmed officers were dispatched to Hutchinson’s home Thursday, but did not give specifics about the case. 

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