Exclusive: Woman claims husband’s murder case remains at a standstill


HINDS COUNTY, Miss.(WJTV) – It’s been a little over five months since 34-year-old Robert Williams was found dead by a bridge on Owens Road near Terry.

His brother reported him missing to the Jackson Police Department February 17 after they received no calls or texts from him the day prior. Williams’ wife, Kasey Williams, claims Robert was visiting the Jackson area after traveling from New Orleans, and was set to go back to Tennessee afterwards.

February 18, Jackson Police issued a missing person’s report to media outlets. They mentioned Robert was missing, but “there is [was] no reason to believe Williams is [was] in any immediate danger, however, his family is [was] concerned.”

Kasey said she thought otherwise and knew something wasn’t right.

“I made another Facebook post saying that, ‘hey, I’m his wife. I can tell that he’s in danger because this is not like him.’” 

Between February 18 and March 1, Kasey said family members searched for Robert. She said his vehicle was found in Raymond during this same time frame, with his luggage and personal items still in the vehicle, near an abandoned warehouse. He was also believed to have been last seen in Byram.

On March 1, Kasey claims she called police to see if they had any leads. She said she was told they would give her a call back. Hours later, she would receive her answer.

Police found Robert’s body along a bridge on Owens Road near Terry.

Kasey said she would soon find out over social media he was shot one time in the chest, and bled out. She said she tried to view his body through the Hinds County Coroner, but was told the body was too decomposed.

With the description of the body, she questioned if it was truly him.

“I was like are you sure? I was like how did you identify him? How do you know it was him? They said through tattoos.” 

From there, that’s when Kasey said the case started going downhill.

She claims from when his body was found, key evidence was lost in the case. She said his vehicle was inspected by Raymond authorities, taken to Jackson, and later was stolen from the impound. Kasey said in the vehicle was Robert’s luggage and cell phone.

“Even if there were fingerprints on the luggage or the cell phone… anything that was in the car… everything was gone because everything was stolen out of police impound.”

In addition to the alleged theft, she claims pieces of evidence were left on scene.

“Me and my siblings, went back and picked up, and they told us that it was contaminated because we shouldn’t have picked it up. However, it had been sitting out there in a bag.” 

Shortly after, Kasey said she was told by the Hinds County Coroner Robert would have to be cremated. She claims she was never able to identify the body and never received an official autopsy report.

Fast forward to August and Kasey says she still hasn’t received information regarding the status of her husband’s case. Instead she’s been playing tag with investigators from the Hinds County Sheriff’s Department and Jackson Police.

“No one wanted to touch the case because again… he was filed missing out of Jackson… he was last known to be in Byram… his car was found in Raymond… and his body was found in Terry.”

With just his ashes, determination and the thought of her children growing up without a father, Kasey has made it her mission to keep fighting for answers surrounding Robert’s death, who mostly be remembered for his humor and selflessness.

“It seems that no one cares… and they might be listening, but it’s just that they don’t care… I’m going to keep telling his story until someone cares… until someone pays attention and say ‘hey let me help this family who has went through a lot.’”

12 News’ Lanaya Lewis reached out to Jackson Police and Hinds County Sheriff’s Department regarding Robert’s case.

Roderick Holmes with JPD claims they turned over the investigation to Hinds County Sheriff’s Department after Robert’s body was found in Terry, and he’s unsure about the alleged theft of Robert’s vehicle.

Hinds County Sheriff’s Department has yet to get back.

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