Fairgoers and staff work against Mother Nature to enjoy the state fair


JACKSON, Miss (WJTV) – Only one more weekend left of the Mississippi State Fair, but between rain and sudden drops in temperatures, people might want to rethink their outfits before going.

12 News Alex Love traveled out to the fairgrounds earlier today and spoke to both fairgoers and carnival officials with how they’re approaching the fair while staying dry and warm.

It’s the final weekend of the Mississippi State Fair, but mother nature has not been cooperating this Friday. But that hasn’t stopped families from coming in to try to have fun and carnival officials working to keep rides open.

“We come every single year,” Fairgoer Joanna said. “Today is actually his birthday and he has come to the fair every single year for his entire life.”

Families all around the fairgrounds had a similar answer, keeping their annual fair tradition going through rain or shine.

“It’s the last weekend and he loves the slide,” Ashley McMullan said referring to her son. “So we came down here just to let them slide and food.”

“Just seeing the joy on my kids’ faces as they ride the rides,” Joanna said. “And try new treats and rediscover new things.”

But heavy storms in the area can bring danger with rain, lightning, and thunder putting rides made almost completely of metal at risk of being struck.

“If there are any alerts about lightning then we close the rides,” Patrick Hadley of North American Midway Entertainment told us. “Especially the high rides. Obviously, safety is our number one priority. We don’t take any chances with that at all.”

When the fair first opened temperatures were reaching the ’90’s but are predicted to drop down into the ’60s for the fairs final weekend. Many people tell us that’s a change they don’t mind.

“They’re not going to even come out if it’s too hot,” Hadley continued. “They have to be comfortable. So the comfortable weather is coming so there’s no excuse not to come out.”

“We always enjoy ourselves and you know even if it is raining and cloudy that just means it’s a little bit cooler,” Joanna said.

Those at North American Midway Entertainment who are running all the rides stressed to fairgoers that if you see anything good or bad please bring it to their attention immediately.

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