Families want answers after alleged misconduct by Jackson police officer


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Two concerned citizens are speaking out against a Jackson police officer, who’s currently under investigation for an alleged pattern of assault.

The two individuals say Officer Miron Smith has a history of aggression, and they hope the Jackson Police Department’s investigation ends with a termination.

In May 2020, Officer Smith was captured in a video with his hands around a young man’s neck.

The Jackson Police Department placed Smith on administrative leave after Chief James Davis watched the video, but 12 News was notified by many in the community this behavior is not a shock to them.

Last July, Christian Norwood described his encounter with Smith on November 17, 2018.

He claimed Smith hit him with a police cruiser which caused him to fly off his four-wheeler, leaving him with bruises.

“He slammed my face, he let me drop on the ground… and from the doctor notes, I had a concussion,” said Norwood.

On December 18, 2018, one month later, another person filed a complaint.

Michelle Wells said her son was stopped by a female officer and Officer Smith for a wellness check. She said the female officer let him go, but Officer Smith became agitated and aggressive with her son.

She ended up getting several FaceTime calls from her son during the encounter.

“When my son asked him what he did, he proceeded to pound on the window and say to get out, get out, get out. Meanwhile Officer Kelley still there. But Miron Smith said if you don’t get out, I’ll pull you out. And that’s exactly what he did, and he threw him on the car, and that’s how that day started,” said Wells.

Her daughter filmed a video of Smith putting her son in the cruiser. He was later charged and booked by Smith, but the charges would later be dropped. Wells said her son has never been in any trouble with the law, and that day one of her biggest fears came true.

She wrote in her statement to police, “I often tell [him] when you get up in the morning, you already have three strikes against you. You’re young, black and a male.”

“Officers like Miron Smith and others, if we continue to allow them to sweep things under the rug, they’re going to continue to do exactly what they want to do because there’s no repercussions. As a police department those things should be made known to the public.” 

Wells shared a statement from Chief Davis on July 22, 2019 saying their complaint against Officer Miron Smith was classified as sustained and appropriate disciplinary action was taken.

After reaching out to Internal Affairs to receive any information on previous complaints and investigations against Miron Smith, they said officers are protected under the Garrity V. New Jersey case law.

According to a JPD PIO, Smith is still employed by the department.


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