JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Sharon Taylor said the body of her transgender son Cortez Webster, who goes by Kenyatta or Keisha, was found over the weekend.

“We were riding around motel to motel looking for him. they ended up calling it a robbery homicide,” said mother, Sharon Taylor.

On Friday, dozens of family members and friends met at a Jackson church dressed in his favorite colors– pink and purple.

Loved ones said a prayer and released balloons to honor his life. The community remembers Kenyatta as a sweet individual that was loved by many. This former teacher at Wingfield High said he was close friends with her daughter and they were both heartbroken when they got the news.

“Sunday morning, I was in church and my daughter texted me and said Kenyatta was missing. I said, ‘what?’ and I thought about him throughout the service and after service I went to lunch with my parents, and she texted me the words I never want to be text and said he’s dead and in that moment my heart dropped because he didn’t deserve what was given to him,” said former teacher Constance Washington.

Now, family and friends are calling for justice.

“I want justice for my son. I want them to get who did it because they stole his life and threw my baby out like he was trash. He didn’t have no one that loved him. I just want justice for my baby. I want y’all to solve this.”

“Today, it’s her. Tomorrow, it could be me or anyone of you out there watching. So, take this mom’s pain up on yourself and say, ‘if this was my child and you knew something, I would want you to tell.”

No motive has been released at this time.

Taylor said she is confident that Jackson police will find the person or people responsible. So far, she said police already have several leads.