Family in Louisiana asks community to help send 99 birthday cards to grandmother in quarantine


RUSTON, LA. (04/10/2020)– The coronavirus has put many things on hold, but one family is making sure their grandmother gets to celebrate her 99th birthday despite the circumstances.

Gladys Eloise Mathewes has lived in Ruston all of her life.
Penny Edmiston says her grandmother has a very warm and outgoing personality.

“She goes to the Ruston Church of Christ,” Edmiston said. “Going to church with her was always so much fun because everyone knows her and she knows everyone.”

Grandma Mathewes will be 99 on April 21st. Unfortunately, this year she will be spending her birthday alone in quarantine.

“For someone that is that social and knows everyone and what everyone is doing, to be locked in a room and only able to talk through a window has got to be awful.”

Edmiston says her grandmother’s favorite thing to receive on her special day are birthday cards.

“She counts them every year. It makes her so happy.”

That’s why each of her grandkids have reached out to their communities in hopes of getting 99 birthday cards to Grandma Mathewes.

“We’re hoping that getting all of these cards will bring some kind of bring normalcy to this crazy time and let her know that she is loved.”

Edmiston says Grandma Mathewes has already received many cards since her first post, including one from Mayor Ronny Walker.

“My mom talks to her every day and she always mentions how many. It’s like an average of 13-15 cards a day right now.”

Edmiston says the director of the Alpine Rehabilitation Center helps Grandma Mathewes open her cards and even reads them to her.

“I mean I can tell in her voice that the cards are making a difference.”

If you would like to send a birthday card to Eloise Mathewes, you can do so by using the address below.

Gladys Eloise Mathewes
2401 N Serve Rd. East,
Room 125
Ruston, LA 71270

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