Family mourns death of loved one in nursing home


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV)– A family tells us their loved one has died of coronavirus at a nursing home in Holmes County. It’s the same nursing home we covered earlier this week.

You may recall a woman telling us her 68-year-old mother came down with COVID-19 at Lexington Manor Senior Care. Now another family is coming forward saying they lost their loved one to coronavirus.

Christopher Hutchins is heartbroken over his aunt’s death at Lexington Manor Senior Care. Hutchins says his aunt, Lorene Hutchins Haywood, died Wednesday. He says she was in her early 70s.

“She had breast cancer so they put her in the nursing home so she could be taken care of properly,” said Hutchins. “And so she was doing better and stuff again and we got a phone call talking about she might not make it through the night which I ain’t know nothing about it until yesterday when I got off work that she had died of COVID-19.”

State health officer Dr. Thomas Dobbs says COVID-19 spreads easily through nursing homes if the conditions are “ripe” with a vulnerable population.

“We are working dilligently to try and protect them in every way possible,” said Dr. Dobbs.

In the governor’s daily news conference, Dr. Dobbs broke down the newest numbers of deaths from the virus.

“At 261, the majority of those are going to be in African Americans at 150 and Caucasians at 109,” said Dr. Dobbs. “One of the things we’ve seen, an ongoing increase in, is going to be probably an increasing concern, is of those deaths, 93 are among long term care residents.”

Hutchins says he wants to see more precautions taken in nursing homes in hopes of stopping the spread.

“We are testing around every outbreak in long term care settings and other areas,” said Dr. Dobbs.

“Everybody trying to figure out how did it get in there,” said Hutchins.

Hutchins says his aunt was the sweetest woman you would ever know, helping whoever she could.

“You might not know her and she is going to touch your heart if you just talk to her,” said Hutchins.
If you just talk to her, she just going to touch your heart if she’s in your presence. “

Lexington Manor’s corporate office is refusing to get back to us.

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