Family of Kennedy Hobbs gather outside Jackson Police Headquarters pleading for change and accountability from leaders


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – We’re hearing for the first time from family members of Kennedy Hobbs who held a gathering outside the Jackson Police Department calling for accountability and everyone to do their part to not let gun violence continue.

They all emphasized Kennedy Hobbs death doesn’t have to be in vain. Her death can be a turning point for all Jacksonians to do their part, by not letting their own children get caught up in gun violence no matter where they are and who’s at fault.

“Kennedy’s life and death can be a defying moment in this city,” Pastor Dwayne Pickett preached.

After spending all night mourning at the Texaco Gas Station on Medgar Evers Boulevard where 18-year-old Kennedy Hobbs was caught in a gunfight. Napoleon Edwards, her uncle had this to say.

“When we have black-on-black crime at such a high rate no outcry, silence,” Edwards argued. “Our kids can go 10 minutes up the road to a conservative base community and not have to worry about weapons or anything. It speaks a lot about leadership.”

Several pastors of local churches pointed to so many figures at all levels not doing enough by allowing kids to walk the streets with loaded guns to settle fights.

“When it comes to these children, we have to do something,” Pastor Dwayne Pickett encouraged. “And everybody it’s time for us to lay down our issues and say how do we fight for our children.”

Kennedy’s mother and father were too heartbroken to attend. Losing their daughter, the same day she became a high school graduate. Activists want their leaders to hear their cries and act.

“We’re asking the mayor and police chief who has failed to give us a comprehensive crime plan to tell us something,” Edwards said. “We’re asking for every entity of law enforcement to be a part of this investigation.”

Many have been to the Texaco gas station to place balloons at the pump making a memorial to celebrate Kennedy Hobbs life.

The store also stepped up its surveillance system adjusting three cameras to monitor the parking lot.

Mayoral candidates Charlotte Reeves and Les Tannehill were in attendance and spoke about changing the culture of Jackson to stay away from gun violence. Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba sent his condolences earlier in a news conference.

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