Family searches miles of HWY 14 for missing Holmes County woman


21-year-old Makayla Winston of Holmes Co.

It has been three days and still no sign of a missing pregnant woman in Holmes County.

The Winston brown family last saw their daughter Makayla Thursday. They’ve been working non-stop to figure out what happened to 21 year old Makayla Winston. 

It began Thursday night when Makayla Winston of Goodman went out to drive to her boyfriend’s house to show him sonograms of her soon to be newborn. 

“When she didn’t come home and didn’t answer her phone when her sister was calling her it was going straight to voice mail,” Makayla’s mother Yvetty Brown told us. “So we knew then something was wrong because it wasn’t like Makayla to answer her phone.”

Immediately on the search authorities and family found her four-door Pontiac Grand Prix sitting off highway 14 by the I-55 ramp. 

“The keys were left in the ignition, my daughter wasn’t in the car but her shoes were on the ground,” Brown said. “And she wouldn’t walk barefoot; she wouldn’t leave the keys in the ignition.” 

Now day and night Makayla’s family and close friends have covered miles through bushes, ditches and side roads searching for clues. 

“We’ve been searching all of highway 14 and the area where the car was found,” Brown stated. “We did 14 and Attala County.” 

“As soon as I got contact that she was missing I jumped straight up out of my bed,” Neighbor Clara Williams said. “And to the family and try to do everything that I can.”

With her daughters due date expected to be July 4th, Yvetty has been doing much planning to become a grandmother. 

“I had just gone shopping that night,” Brown said. “Me, her and my sister in-law bought baby clothes and everything else that the baby needed.”

Desperate for the whereabouts of her child and expected grandchild the family is pleading for those responsible to even just call anonymously with answers to get her back. 

The Mississippi Bureau of Investigations is now joining in the case, and we’re told the Holmes County Sheriff has questioned the father of Makayla’s expected child but no suspects announced at this time.

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