Fashion Reincarnated III: Highlight clips & interviews


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV)- Sunday night was a night to remember for all things fashion at the Fashion Reincarcerated III event in Jackson.

12’s DeAngelo Marquise was able to catch up with some of the action with the help of Anthony Howard.

Fashion-forward people throughout the city came dressed to impress, some even going along with the jail themed at the event.

Local designers and boutiques had the chance to showcase some of their clothing pieces.

photcentric42: Instagram

Models who made the cut throughout the metro walked the runway with confidence, poise, grace, and a whole lot of sass… thanks to Kenneth Marshall II.

Marshall is the runway coach, coordinator, and the person who makes sure the show operates perfectly.

“This is one of the events I produced for my client’s, Bella of Dior Dynasty. So it is an absolutely amazing time to be able to transition to fall and winter. Every year, Bella goes extreme with the theme… so this year, we are in jail”, said Kenneth Marshall II.

All the work Marshall puts in his production, shows.

One of the runway model’s dishes about Marshall, Bella, and more.

Angelic Amor

Angelic Amor says, “The show was absolutely amazing from start to finish. K Marsh was very organized and professional when it came down to the models in hair and makeup. Bella did such an amazing job learning the opening in just five days before the show with only one practice. The show itself was a success. I had so much fun on the runway and I love every piece I wore. They definitely had some phenomenal vendors and boutiques.”

For more insight, highlights, and interviews on the electrifying event watch the video above.

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Xarchangel stuns at fashion show in Jackson

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