FBI investigating cross burning incident in Covington County


SEMINARY, Miss. (WJTV) – Percy Smith is still in shock after finding a cross burning in front of his home on Wednesday night.

“I thought it was the woods on fire,” said Smith. “I asked what it was, and so I ran out to the road and I saw a cross burning.”

Smith says that he called his neighbors when he saw the cross burning. Still in disbelief, they took pictures, while waiting for the police.

The Covington County Sheriffs Department declined to comment on this story. They said that the FBI is in charge of this investigation at this point. The cross was found right outside of Mr. Smiths home at the edge of a small community right off of highway 535 in Seminary. and what they told me is that they’re not going to stand for crimes like this.”

Matt Keys Jr. lives in the area, and said that they are not going to let a crime like this stand.

“They need to stop the madness,” said Keys Jr. “My daddy made this place happen for us. You know, we don’t terrorize nobody, we not messing with nobody, so they should not be up here discriminating us.”

“We ain’t gonna tolerate it.”

The FBI released a statement earlier in the day stating, “The FBI Jackson division is aware of the situation in Covington County, and we are working with out local Law Enforcement partners.”

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