AUSTIN (KVEO) — A federal judge has stopped Governor Greg Abbott’s attempt to limit Texas counties to one mail-in-voting dropoff location.

On Friday, U.S. District Judge Robert Pittman ruled that ruled against Abbott’s limitations.

Pitman stated that “absentee voters to risk exposure to the coronavirus when they hand deliver their absentee ballots on Election Day.” He went on to say that “if they choose not to return their ballots in person to avoid exposure to COVID-19, to face the risk that their ballots will not be counted if the USPS is unable to timely deliver their ballot after its been requested or unable to timely return their completed ballot.”

On October 1, Governor Abbott issued a mandate limiting Texas counties to one mail-in-voting dropoff location.

The next day, three organizations and two voters filed a lawsuit against Abbott in an attempt to stop his order.

Beginning Thursday, Judge Pitman heard arguments from both sides but did not make a decision until Friday night.

Texas counties will now be able to place multiple mail-in-voting drop off locations throughout their jurisdiction.