FEMA sets up new aid plan for Delta homeowners to apply for grants to rebuild


For Delta Backwater Flood victims the wait is finally over for them to apply individually for aid to rebuild.

Since President Trump recognized eight Mississippi counties natural disaster areas, the Federal Emergency Management Agency has drawn up an application process.

The water may be gone, but the burden of it is far from over as over 600 houses are either gone or severely damaged, but in the cleanup process the federal government is finally stepping in to help cover expenses.

With nearly 550,000 acres of land and homes engulfed by water finally dried out FEMA and MEMA have now been able to assess the damage and draw up plans for individual aid.

“When it comes to individual assistance it’s literally the individual,” TJ Werre of MEMA told us. “The individual home, the individual business, those are the kind of people eligible for this kind of assistance. The most a person can get is just under $35,000.”

This new individual aid program applies to homeowners in Yazoo, Sharkey, Issaquena, Warren, Humphrey’s, Clay, Lowndes, and Monroe. Who must log onto disasterassistance.Gov to apply.

“You have to come with some basic information and you have to have documentation on the things that you’ve lost,” Werre explained. “If you’re looking for housing assistance you can be reimbursed if you had to find some temporary housing. Medical expenses related to this flood, if you had storage for things not covered by insurance.”

Traveling out to the hardest-hit areas near the Yazoo and Sharkey County line we spoke to some locals who showed us what they’d need their individual aid for.

“My floors have bucked up I mean you can see my wood floors uneven,” Delta local Alcy Cliburn said. “And the tile floor there were some people from North Mississippi came in and took up my tile.”

“We don’t have a refrigerator or stove we got to get all that replaced,” Jennie Watson of Spanish Fort Rd. said. “We got to get a new stove and I don’t know about the washer and dryer.”

FEMA won’t cover every penny to rebuild all losses, but even with their own aid here Delta homeowners still say the best solution is to complete the Yazoo Backwater Pump Project.

This Friday MEMA will have flood aid meetings set up in Vicksburg and Columbus for locals to meet with their staff to talk about their aid, but if you can’t make it just put that on your application and FEMA will come meet you at your home.

Though despite homes and property drowned for months, farmer Clay Adcock told us the biggest loss to the region will always be the lack of crops and animals raised this year. Totaling almost $800 Million.

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