Flowood neighbors and businesses affected by Pearl River flooding


FLOWOOD, Miss. (WJTV) – The rising Pearl River is affecting parts of Rankin County, including the Lakeland Drive area in Flowood. Businesses along N. Flowood Dr. are taking on water with some closing their doors until the water recedes.

For Rankin County Emergency Director Mike Word, the past few days have been 24 hour operation.

“It’s kind of peering into a crystal ball that’s really what it is, where everybody is just kind of watching gauging seeing what it’s going to do,” Word said.

The damage so far in ‪Rankin County‬ has been less than that in Hinds County.

“We have had a couple of businesses in the Flowood area that has taken water on, but nothing to the extent of what [Hinds County] got over across the way,” Word said. “So we’re vigilant watching this and we don’t want the public to lay their guards down. This thing’s not over with.”

The water remains unpredictable as officials try to forecast with dated flood maps. 

“We were seeing places that actually had water in them — the water level at that point and time was 34.5 feet well our maps didn’t show water in there until between 36 and 38 feet. So, we got somewhere between 18 and a 24 inch deferential in there, but that was in some places, some places was supposed to show water and there was none and the places that was suppose to show water had it,” Word said.

Some roads in ‪Flowood remain closed, but officials believe the bulk of the threat is shifting south in the county.

“What we’ve done is, we’re just trying to reallocate some resources and get those down just a little closer to some of the southern parts of the County down around the Pearl, Richland area and even points further south than that,” Word said.

As far as federal relief, Director Word says its a wait and see situation. Emergency officials are also monitoring the possibility of flash flooding in areas typically not prone to rising water.

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