Focused on Back-to-School: Warren County kids strengthen literacy skills


WARREN COUNTY, Miss. (WJTV) – Just like other non-profit and religious organizations, the House of Israel Hebrew Culture Center offers extra study support for students in the summer.

Many are struggling with literacy.

The center’s New World Literacy Program has spent the last three summers serving students in Warren County.

Jesse Black, who helped start the program, has years of experience in teaching and tutoring students. From his observation, many are struggling with literacy.

“The entire goal is about comprehension. Then, they can get to the point where they’re actually able to discover things on their own. Anything that you’ve learned on your own, a lot of that sticks with you better,” Black said.

The new World Literacy program also offers help to parents. They track progress throughout the school year, offer Facetime tutoring to students who attend the summer program, and give tips to parents on how to help their child.

Black’s tips for parents:

  1. Know your child’s reading level. Get books on that level. “It’s okay for them to have books that are on a higher level that you can maybe read to them. But it’s very important that they can have independent books they can read.”
  2. Stay in touch with teachers. “We see that sometimes in middle school and high school, parents…kind of fall off with the communication. But still communicate with the teachers even through high school.”
  3. Know that literacy translates into every subject. “The students are solving math problems from equations, and also taking equations and creating math problems. So they’re working forward and backward.”

The New World Literacy program is open for 3rd-8th graders. This year’s summer program served about 20 students. The organizers hope to expand it each year.

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