12 News Investigates: Mother concerned about daughter having seizures in prison

12 News Investigates

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – A mother is worried that her daughter’s seizures will get worse, if she doesn’t see a specialist soon. The mother of Britney Bennett, who is an inmate at the Central Mississippi Correctional Facility (CMCF), said her daughter’s medical needs are being ignored.

Bennet’s mother, who did not want to be identified, said her daughter had 14 seizures in one day. She’s on medication, but her mother says it’s not working as it should.

“On January 26, 2021, I received a phone call from inmate, inmates saying that she was having a seizure. It started off with one seizure,” said Bennett’s mom, “I got a call back, she had six. Got another call back a couple minutes later, she had eight seizures. Got another call back, she had 14 seizures on that night.”

The mother said Bennett’s seizures began before she started serving her sentence at CMCF in 2019.

Assistant Deputy Commissioner Leo Honeycutt said correctional officers told him Bennett is walking around. Medical staff also said her last seizure was on January 26, and she saw a doctor the next day.

Bennett’s mother said she’s had more seizures since the 26. She found out about the episodes from other inmates.

“The situation was they would not take her to the hospital. If it’s CMCF, they cannot do run testing, MRI testing she needs to see a neurologist. The nurses, LPN, RN, they can refer her to go to the doctor, but they would not,” the mother claimed.

Bennett’s mother said she contacted Disability Rights Mississippi. They could not talk about her case specifically, but they said it’s similar to what the agency has handled in the past.

“We saw so many instances of that, whether it’s seizure disorders or someone with a pacemaker who wasn’t able to see a cardiologist for five years. That falls into medical care. If someone has a documented seizure disorder, and they’re not receiving care for that disorder, that is inadequate care that is forbade by the constitution,” said Jane Walton, who is the communications director for Disability Rights Mississippi.

Honeycutt said he put Bennett’s mother in touch with one of their top doctors, but he said she wasn’t listening while the doctor was trying to help.

According to the mother, the doctor told her they did bloodwork, increased her daughter’s medication and said they were doing everything they could in the clinic.

“I just don’t want to get a phone call of them saying my daughter, they just found an inmate unresponsive.”

Bennett’s mother said she’s now waiting on Disability Rights Mississippi to take her daughter to the hospital. The organization released a report that said the Mississippi Department of Corrections is not taking adequate care of its inmates when it comes to medical treatment, nutrition and housing.

MDOC said it’s reviewing the report.

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