12 News Investigates: What will it take to curb violent crime in Jackson?

12 News Investigates

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – According to crime experts, questions about increases and decreases in crime have never been resolved, but they do have theories.

They said Jackson parallels to what is happening nationally. With the shortage of police officers, there isn’t time for proactive policing or a show of police presence to deter crime.

Experts also pointed to morale within the departments and how that may have an impact on an officer’s desire to investigate violent crimes.

Their solutions? Getting the public to know the officers in order to open the lines of communications. Also, educating children to make sure they know right from wrong early on.

“I remember many years ago that most criminals wouldn’t carry a gun when they committed burglaries or other crimes, but now, everybody’s got a gun. In certain cultures, that’s a sign of power, and we need to change some things culturally, and I think that begins in school. But of course, now we have education problems where not a lot of kids are getting properly educated with schools shutting down with COVID-19,” said Michael Wigginton Jr., retired Special Agent of U.S. Customs and University of Southern Miss assistant professor.


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