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MADISON, Miss – All week, WJTV 12 has been focused on mental health and making sure you seek the treatment necessary to make sure you’re at best. But what about those who aren’t getting treatment because they’re afraid to admit they are not okay while one in five u.s. adults experience mental illness in a given year, only 43 percent receive treatment. wjtv12’s Angel Idowu joins us live in the newsroom with more on how you can make time for workplace wellness.   

Most adults think they can brush off those sad or underwhelming feelings with distractions like work. but what happens when the work is done and those feelings resume? I sat down with a local therapist who offers some suggestions about how you can improve your mental health in the workplace. 

Martha Rosado is a licensed professional counselor.
“Our culture is a hard pressing, achieving, driving society. it has made us one of the most productive capitalist societies in the world, but we have sacrificed mental health to do that. could we find a balance between productivity and enjoying our life?”

Martha Rosado of Madison Counseling says the key to work-life balance is figuring out what makes you happy and taking more time to incorporate that into your schedule.

The mental benefits of exercise alone are huge, just to kind of wash the day away from us.

A change of scenery is also important, as it can prevent burnouts and boost creativity. Try going for a quick walk during your break. eat your lunch away from your desk if you can. 

But what if the stressors at work are contributing to your poor mental heath status? Rosado encourages breathing techniques that allow you time for clarity, also known as mindfulness.  

So many times our stress is amplified by the thoughts that we’re telling ourselves. I’m telling myself negative thoughts that I can’t do this or fast enough. Whereas if I’m just interacting with my boss, taking some deep breaths, here and listening. Just being present. And you do feel the tension rising. You’re aware of what’s going on. Because sometimes just that awareness keeps us from spiraling up and out in that stress.” 

Mental illness is the leading cause of disability for us adults 15 to 44. So, the next time you feel on edge at work, take a second to control your breathing and remind yourself, that taking a second to recharge does more good than harm.

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