Focused on Mississippi: Columbia Christmas


COLUMBIA, Miss. (WJTV) – They started all of the downtown lighting and festivities the 20th of November in Columbia. That’s when the ice skating rink opens. The next event is the ceremony lighting downtown- November 27th this year. And then sort of a take off of Field of Dreams, if you light it up, they will come- Every night. Including Christmas Eve- and ice skate- and dance in the street- and rock the courthouse lights in sync with the lights around the tops of the buildings and in the windows and the tree.

In Columbia, it snows occasionally- goes with the skating. The skating costs, by the way- but to walk around and see the town and feel the season is free. The next big celebration after tonight is New Years Eve- lights and fireworks. Merry Christmas y’all and Happy New year to you, too. 

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