Focused on Mississippi: Getting in the holiday spirit


JACKSON, Mississippi (WJTV) –

Up until now this is the color that has held our attention- autumn in Mississippi. Our fall colors always peak about right now- around Thanksgiving. The falling leaves help make the trip to grandmas house for turkey and dressing feel more holiday-ish.

But fast away the old season passes and here we are replacing the color of autumn leaves with the reds and greens and blues and all the others of Christmas. And there’s a bunch of places that gear their grand openings to right now- the minute we have cleared away the Thanksgiving dishes.

There are the old stand-bys like the Square in Canton. This is a tradition that, like most traditions grew from small steps until it has engulfed the courthouse and all of the streets and businesses on the square. By the way, Kosciusko is decorating their square has it decked out every night, too.

The Richardson’s house and yard in Madison is up and lit and ready for us to pack the kids in the car and dazzle them with what must be the most lights and decorations in one place this side of the North Pole. And why do they do this? Take months setting this us and then more months packing it away? For us. They don’t get a dime out of it. But knowing the line of cars passing every night is full of people getting pleasure from their hard work- setting up and electrifying all of this- is better than money. The warm feeling your heart gets lasts a lot longer than cold cash. Money is gone in no time. But the memory of what you’ve done for someone else, big or small- lasts a lifetime.

The wonderment of visiting Santa still to come. The wonderment of concerts and traditions.  The wonderment of remembering the Christmases we used to know. The wonderment of- if you still can do it- letting your mind take you to places you’ve never been and imagining for a minute or a season that there really is peace on earth and goodwill between all of us, as well as toward us all.

It’s Christmas time! Nature gives us the longest nights of the year right now. And we have the Christmas season to chase away the darkness and delight in the light. Give yourself the first present of Christmas and enjoy the color of the season.

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