Focused on Mississippi: Rainy Day Flowers


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – If April showers bring May flowers, what will the February monsoon bring us?

The concrete angel in the yard stopped her weeping for a little while as the overnight torrent slacked off to just a trickle between storms today. But rumbles of thunder in the distance were ever-present omens that this brief respite would be the exception and not the rule.

But in spite of the rain, and perhaps because of the wet year we’ve had so far, spring blooms that usually wait another few weeks to pop out have already been around for several days. Now, they have to deal with the rain that brought them to their early life, bowing under the pounding torrent they endured all last night.

The wild flowers have popped out, up between the fallen leaves that are waiting on the first lawn mowing to be mulched into atoms so they can more easily blow away.

The Japanese Magnolia is in bloom. It’s maybe a little early for it, but about on schedule. I have observed that we usually have only one more good freeze after they bloom. Now, that’s folk forecasting not the extended outlook.

Actually, my barometer for the arrival of spring are dead leaves more than emerging flowers. I’ve noticed just before the warm days and mild nights of spring get here to stay, that’s when a couple of oaks I have in the yard finally drop their leaves. And they are hanging on tight right nowm so don’t put away the electric blanket just yet.

Between showers, if you have a minute to travel to another world, find some rain drops hanging onto a leaf. Look at that drop as close as you can. Our world is refracted upside down through a drop of water. And if you look close enough you will see tiny things in there, like dust particles.

Then before the storm unleashes again, scurry back inside into your own drop of water-world that you live in, safe and snug feeling as you look back out at the world dripping outside your window.

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