Focused on Mississippi: The man buried standing up


JEFFERSON COUNTY, Miss. (WJTV) – Margaret Woods Collins of Madison and her cousin, J.W. Woods of Pearl River County, surveyed the handy work their family put in cleaning the cemetery where their great-grandfather is buried.

Ephraim Woods’ grave is located at Red Lick in Jefferson County. Many people come to see his grave because it’s a mound at the cemetery.

“He wanted to be buried standing up, so that when he met his maker, he would not have to stand up,” said Collins. “He would be standing up face to face with his maker.”

The story about Ephraim’s unusual standing burial has been handed down in the family for generations. “I had heard about it for years,” said Collins. “And I came down here probably seven or eight years ago. And it was so grown up that you could hardly walk in here.”

The family used chain saws and weed eaters to clean the cemetery. Now, the mound of the man buried standing up is pretty easy to spot.

“His religion, he wanted to be the first one to go,” said J.W. Woods. “My opinion? I think he was kind of a weird-o myself.”

But Ephraim is not alone in his unusual burial. J.W. said he dug up a bunch more up-standing graves in his research. “There’s several more in Mississippi that are standing up. I don’t remember where they was at,” he explained.

If you want to go see the grave of the man buried standing up, the easiest way to find it is to stop at the Old Country Store in Lorman and ask Mr. D. for directions.

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