JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Former Mississippi Congressman Gregg Harper is currently in the nation’s capital where the madness is taking place. 

Harper has been evacuated and is in a safe place inside the capitol building along with current congressman Michael Guest. 

12’s Gary Burton had a chance to speak with Harper on the experience he faced Wednesday.

Harper said, “I was in the gallery watching the proceedings and we were told, the capital police officers locked all the door so no one could get in and shortly after that they evacuated all the members down the capital through the tunnels to where we are now in a secure location.”

When asked what do you make of the storming of the capital inside the house chambers in the senate chambers? Harper responded, “absolutely unacceptable. I mean you just can’t do that. It is the seat of our government and regardless of one’s political leanings or who you are for or against, you don’t break windows out of the United States Capitol, you don’t charge into the chambers, you don’t threaten anybody no matter who you are. And I agreed with what vice president Mike Pence said. Anybody who does that should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.”

Congressman harper said the mayor of D.C. has issued a curfew that began at 6 o’clock.