Forrest General Hospital brings new procedure to Mississippi


HATTIESBURG, Miss. (WHLT) — A team of Heart and Vascular doctors brought a new procedure to the Pine Belt and Mississippi.

Doctor Christopher Douglass and a team of Cardiologist treated a Mitral Regurgitation by using a Trans-catheter Mitral Value Repair.

“We have a lot of really exciting things happening here at Forrest General,” said Dr. Douglass.

A Mitral Valve is located between the two left chambers of the Heart. When the valve closes, blood flows back into the Heart — causing regurgitation.

For patients who were too old, had advanced Heart failure or other conditions would be denied treatment.

“Previously the only treatment we had for a lot of these sicker patients was open heart surgery,” Dr. Douglass said. ““Patients that didn’t have hope an now they have hope.”

The device would be left in the body, across the Mitral valve to stop the blood from back-flowing according to Cardiologist, Craig Thieling.

The department spent time outside time training and becoming knowledgeable in this procedure before preforming placing the first device in a patient.

“This has been a long process to get this procedure here and be able to offer this in south Mississippi, the whole state in general,” Douglass expressed.

And although he lead the first procedure, he says the whole department is behind it as well.

“Cardio Anesthesia, Cardiovascular surgeons, Intervention Cardiologist, Echocardiography; all of which worked together as a team to make this happen, he said thankfully.

This procedure is just the first in many at Forrest General, and the state.

They say the wait list is continuing to grow.

“I hope that we can really restore some quality of life and really offer a service that people in Mississippi otherwise wouldn’t have been offered,” said Douglass.

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