JACKSON, Miss (WJTV) – From Mississippi to New York and beyond much of the country is experiencing this arctic breeze creating chilling temperatures.

With reaction from the Jackson metro and other states, lets get to 12 news Alex Love live outside Mississippi College who’s also braving the cold.

It’s pretty much the same ordeal for those thousands of miles north of us. All around America the conditions are pretty much the same and it will be worse Wednesday morning.

Even at 4:00 P.M. in the middle of the day students in Jackson needed to bundle up big time to stay warm leaving school.

“Two jackets, a thick shirt, and a beanie,” Casey Hedrick, a Sophomore at Wingfield High said describing his outfit.

“About 3-4 layers to be honest with you,” Gregory Sampson, a Junior at Wingfield High told us. “Honestly I don’t try to get in touch with the cold a lot, so I can last longer without shivering to death.”

It was the same case for students in Indianapolis, Indiana who had to walk through snow and ice while temperatures dipped down to 8 degrees. Three degrees colder than their previous November record set in 1951.

In Austintown, Ohio it was only 10 degrees colder compared to Jackson, but motorists on Interstate 80 were overwhelmed by a whiteout causing 50 cars and trucks to crash. Some had to be transported to the hospital.

Even in New York City temperatures sit at 30 degrees, forcing the city to begin snowplow season two weeks earlier than 2018. And back down in Jackson temperatures are almost identical to the Big Apple.

“All my mom told me was you better layer up,” Sampson said. “That’s all she told me.”

“One of my friends just had on a T-Shirt and jeans,” Hedrick said. “I just can’t imagine.”

By sunrise, tomorrow temperatures in the Jackson Metro are predicted to be in the low 20’s. Make sure you and your children are suited up.

It’s also important to turn on your sink faucets to a drip this evening to avoid any frozen pipes as you wake up in the morning.