JACKSON, MS – Natural gas is spewing out a hole on Siwell and Terry road in Byram, MS where Jackson crews were working on a water main break.

Emergency crews responded to the scene where they found the line to be ruptured. This comes as the city of Jackson just put a boil water alert out for the area of Terry and Siwell roads.

All of this is happening in the shadow of a giant break affecting south Jackson and Byram that city officials say still has not been located.

This is the latest issue, but WJTV asked local leaders for more information about that larger break today. The line affected is a 42-inch pipe, very large, and the break is somewhere underground; possibly in a wooded area.

As the process of fixing the problem continue, other breaks, large and small, keep happening.

There’s a break on Grandview Circle right off Terry Road. People living here say it started flowing Monday, but it’s small compared to this 16-inch break at the intersection of Siwell Road and Terry Road in Byram.

Even that break is tiny compared to the issue causing this entire area to be switched to well water.

A pipe somewhere is leaking. Public works crews are trying to find the spot. It is unclear what process they’re using to looking or why the search has taken now five days.

At the moment, the smaller break are certainly the more visible ones.

A voluntary water conservation measure is also still in effect. The city of Jackson is asking everyone in south Jackson and Byram to cut all non-essential water usage as the water system re-charges.