JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) — It was one month ago that Mississippi Highway Patrol SWAT Troopers walked the halls of Global Training Institute.

“Real life training can be translated to real life and affect lives in a meaning and powerful way,” Chris Powe, owner of GTI. “I think that experience that the swat team had is a great example of that.”

During a recent shootout in Tishomingo County, three troopers were injured. Trooper Staples was shot in the leg. He used a tourniquet technique he learned at GTI to stop the bleeding.

“We made it realistic and we made it very repetitive. Obviously in a heat of battle he was wounded. He didn’t forget his training. He applied the tourniquet and saved his life.”

“I talked to him yesterday, met his family. He would not have been there,” Gov. Phil Bryant. “He would not have been able to stand, he would not have been able to hug his wife and his family without the training that took place here.”

Gov. Bryant visited GTI Friday and watched the air flight paramedics train in different scenarios.

“That includes managing very difficult airways, patients that are unable to breath that need ventilatory support. A lot of skills learning how to obtain the airway.”

The Governor even got a first-hand experience from above ground.  GTI teaches everything from paramedic training, to active shooter situation for officers.

“I would like to have all of our police officers in the state of Mississippi trained,” Gov. Bryant said. “This is the state of the art training facility that not available anywhere in the United States and it’s here in Canton.”

GTI was started by Chris Powe and his father.