Glory Boats: Celebrating Lives of Outdoor Lovers


Celebrating The Outdoors-men

This may look like your typical run of the mill fishing boat, with fishing lines, a tackle box, and even a motor on the back. But what makes this boat so unique?

Joel Schmidt answers, “What we have here is a casket designed for sportsman and outdoors-man.”

That’s right, a casket. Joel Schmidt is the creator of Glory Boats. He says they are a great way to honor the life of someone who spent most of theirs outdoors.

Joel Schmidt continues, “The reactions are just enormous. It’s so fun to talk to people afterwards because, they’re actually happy. It’s a ray of light when people walk up to it. Of course, they smile but then they began to tell stories about fishing trips and hunting trips and all the great times they had.

Schmidt says he got the idea after his father was injured in an accident.

Joel Schmidt explains, “About three and a half years ago my father got hurt in a bad fall off of a ladder, wasn’t sure he was going to make it out of the hospital. So I made him tell me his funeral plans and during that time, I kinda lightened the mood a little and said I could bury you in your fishing boat.”

After joking with his father, he searched the internet to see if such a thing existed. 

Joel Schmidt adds, “Nobody made it and, I thought, Oh My! We got to make fishing boat caskets and that’s what we do we build them in Little Rock.”

Even if you don’t live in Arkansas, it’s okay. Your beloved outdoor lover can still make that final sail of glory to the other-side.

Joel Schmidt concludes, “It’s a standard product that we can put together very quickly and so if you called me tomorrow and said oh we lost someone important they really need to go in a glory boat, we could have it here in twenty-four hours.”

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