Governor Reeves to review all school district plans for the fall before they go into effect


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – By now you may have heard your child’s school district layout for new plans for the upcoming school year. But it may change if Governor Tate Reeves does not see it fitting the best interest for students. 

In his latest briefing the governor broke down his next move in working with superintendents to move forward this fall. 

There has already been several school districts plans made public with how they plan to approach the school year this fall; some will not be going on to campuses at all. Their decisions may not be fully approved by the governor. 

We have seen several school districts plans. Some of them look very good, some of them do not. 

Throughout the summer Governor Tate Reeves has stated numerous times decisions on how to re-open safely should mainly fall on superintendents and school boards. 

“It has long been the view of Mississippians that we believe in local control of education,” Gov. Reeves began. “That’s the reason we have approximately 138 local school boards.”

He vows by the end of the month to review each districts plan. While he does not want to get involved, Reeves did not rule out changing their plan if he has issues with it.

“I do not want to do that. That does not mean I will not do it,” Gov. Reeves added. “If I am convinced that they are not acting in the best interest for Mississippi kids.”

As he reviews plans Gov. Reeves added school districts will have to show how students overall learned and improved their grades learning virtually if they choose to keep kids home. 

Guidelines for how to re-open schools have also been laid out by the Center of Disease Control. You can find their information click here.

Gov. Tate Reeves has four more days to finish reviewing each school district plan. He will finalize his decision on getting involved or not by next week. 


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