Grandson continues playdates with “Granny” amid COVID-19 lockdown


“I just want her to know I love her, and be safe.”

ODESSA, TX (Big 2 / Fox 24) – Quarantine and social distancing is making it harder for families to stay in touch, but the limited contact is not stopping one grandson from making it to his regular playdates with his “Granny.”

7-year-old, James Wilson, says while it is “not the same,” he continues to visit his grandmother at Madison Medical Resort nursing home to keep her company. 

“I just want her to know I love her, and be safe.”

Wilson is waiting for life before to quarantine to resume, so he can hug his best friend again. The two bonded over the last seven years over games of tic-tac-toe and country music. And while physical distance seems further than ever, the two are continuing to bring their hearts together for the milestones.

“I usually draw and she watches. She likes it,” explained Wilson. “She usually likes to play with me even if she can’t do it. But now, it’s not the same.”

While the lockdown has resorted the two to communicate from either sides of the glass window, Wilson says their special greeting is all they need.

“I love you in sign language… Because all the time we leave, we always do it so we’ll love each other.”

Wilson says he looks forward to hugging and kissing his “Granny,” but until then, the two are making the best of a bittersweet situation.

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