Great Southern Gun and Knife Show impacted by COVID


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – The Great Southern Gun and knife show has seen differences in gun sales since the pandemic started.

The gun industry has been big business for years but gun sales have been affected by the pandemic. Closed venues, restricted capacity and slow distribution of guns illustrate these challenging times for the gun and knife show.

The Great Southern gun and knife show took covid-19 preventative measures with mask requirements, social distancing, and protective shields. These measures were enough to get approval for the show to go on but other parts of the state wouldn’t budge. 

“Local officials in Hattiesburg, I guess their set and they don’t want business to come in, I don’t know that’s just my opinion there decision cost a lot of people a lot of money between our venders the small businesses the hotels in the area restaurants taxes so the city of Hattiesburg, Forrest county and all that we were just really by their decision. “

Small businesses say not only are they impacted by where their conventions are allowed to go because of covid 19, they also say shipments of inventory are on delay.

“If I order a gun for somebody now and try to get it back in stock, you could be 12 to 14 days on shipping just on a gun alone, so that slowed it down and in the process of getting new guns back into the store it’s just not a good thing we’re working on half the inventory that we worked on last year. “

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