Grenada residents protest at capital about contaminants in water


GRENADA, Miss. (WJTV) – The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency says it’s working to conduct a vapor intrusion study in the Eastern Heights Community.

This comes after sampling results from groundwater and soil vapor revealed contaminants trapped in the groundwater.

Members of that community were out protesting on Tuesday, March 29.

Members of the protest say they want state leaders to call for the EPA to dismantle the investigative team that’s working on the study.

The EPA says contaminants possibly TCE, may be traveling from a facility’s property line into the Eastern Heights Community.

The vapor intrusion study is to determine if the contaminants are in the form of a gas or vapor.

Neighbors in Grenada believe the EPA is covering up the contaminants issue.

One woman says she lost her brother and her aunt within a month of each other.

“My brother had serious lung problems and my aunt had a heart stroke, just chemicals,” said Lisa Lindley, a resident of Grenada. “We need Governor Bryant on our side. We need some help. Enough is enough and this chemical is killing us and we’re all in this together and we need help.”

The EPA says last September, a study was done in Eastern Heights and the results did not indicate a completed pathway in the homes that were sampled.

Then in February, contractors with Grenada Manufacturing conducted air sampling to figure out if residents were being exposed to potentially harmful levels of TCE.

Results are expected in Mid-April.

The EPA has released a statement on the issue.

This study is part of a precautionary approach to protect public health and the environment. Based on the sampling results thus far, the EPA has determined that there is no immediate concern for public health.

The agency went on to say that more investigation is needed.

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