JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Lately, we’ve heard of a lot of crime at area apartments, and there’s a group working to change that.

The Mississippi Apartment Association held a special meeting Tuesday to keep people safe.

For most apartment managers, the role of a security officer is not usually on the list of duties, but things are changing. Sometimes, they’re forced to take action.

“As property managers, we have to wear so many different hats. Everybody looks to us to be responsible for everything that goes on in our properties, and obviously, we’re not law enforcement,” said Brandi Manning of B & B Management.

A Jackson Police officer was brought in to give the crowd some necessary information.

“What to look for and how to report it, when it does happen, or if they suspect something. There are all sorts of little things we can do to prevent crime on the property,” said Manning.

The association is a nonprofit group that works to protect the interests of apartment owners and renters.

“We wanted to show that we actually do take measures to try to educate our people and do things to prevent crime on our properties. We can’t stop crime, but, we can take steps to prevent crime and things we don’t always think about,” said Manning.

The event was inspired by some of the recent crimes in Jackson and the surrounding areas, within the last few months.

Recently, there have been several break-ins, armed robberies, and even a kidnapping.

“The last thing we want to do every day is to be crime prevention officers, but it comes with the territory. We just want to take care of people the best way we can,” said Manning.

The group hosts different events every month.

Organizers say they hope to inspire other apartment complexes to do the same thing.