Gulfport family chooses to ride out the storm from home


GULFPORT, Miss. (WJTV) — It’s not uncommon for folks along the Gulf to make a break for it when severe weather rears its ugly head, but not everyone elects to.

Melinda Borja has lived in Gulfport for eight years with her son and husband.  They have seen strong storms a time or two.  This time they’ll be hanging back, but still being careful.

“For this particular storm we have some sandbags around our front door porch area just in case,” Borja said. “We have our outside furniture put up but really it’s just a lot of rain and wind from what I’ve experienced in the past.”

She said if things get real bad, they’ve also stocked up on the necessities.

“We have two cases of water,” Borja said. “We have our snacks we got yesterday, all the non-perishables. We’re good to go.”

Borja said that if push comes to shove, they will stay with family either in Hattiesburg or the metro.

“We just keep a watch on it,” Borja said. “We are ready to go if we need.”

Based on past experiences, she doesn’t think they will.


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