Greenview Dr. is one of the worst residential neighborhoods in the city of Jackson, according to city leaders. Now, the ball is starting to roll to change that and give the neighborhood a face lift.

We spoke with people who live in the area, and they say people are scared to move into the neighborhood because of the abandoned houses and because some property owners have given up.

“They haven’t came to try to fix them up or try to do anything for them, so it’s best for them to be torn down,” Annie Huggins said.

The Mississippi Capital Area Habitat for Humanity is stepping in to demolish, allocate and build new houses in the area.

The city of Jackson is handing over a 400,000 grant to build the new houses where they are needed most.

“These won’t be the traditional Habitat for Humanity houses that I think people are used to seeing across the City of Jackson. These will be houses that conform with the identity of neighborhood,” Councilman Tyrone Hendrix said.

City leaders and residents in the neighborhood hope this project will limit crime as well.