Hate group sends threatening video to Mississippi Rising Coalition


OCEAN SPRINGS, Miss. (WJTV) – A Gulf Coast advocacy group, working to remove the state flag from city buildings receives a video from someone claiming to be a part of a hate group.

The video was posted sent to them by someone claiming to be apart of KKK United Dixie White Knights.

MRC received the video Wednesday morning. But it’s since been deleted.

A slideshow of pictures covered the voice in the video, which called out Lea Campbell. Campbell is the president of Mississippi Rising Coalition.

The voice said, “Mississippi Rising Coalition, y’all not going to take down our flag, and we’re going to fight. This ain’t no threat, this ain’t no type of nothing physical. But we’re going to fight through the court system.”

The email said in part, “We want you to know that we’re tired of your liberal, homosexual, anti biblical principles you’re spreading. The boys are back and we’re not backing down.”

The sender identified himself as “Reverend Smith.”

Campbell called a news conference to say she will not take the email lightly, but she will continue her fight against the state flag, “The klan has a history of terrorism, lynching, murder. So I take any direct communication from them very seriously.”

MRC has been working to remove the Mississippi flag from Ocean Springs City Hall.

The flag was taken down last year, but later put back up after a Board of Aldermen vote.

Ocean Springs Mayor Shea Dobson declined to comment on the video, or Mississippi Rising Coalition’s comments in front of city hall.

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